Nos passes de festival 2018 sont maintenant en vente!  10 jours de sketch pour seulement 60$? C’est INSENSÉ! Il y a un nombre limité alors n’attendez pas!

Billets $12!!!!! (voir ci-dessous) laissez-passer pour deux spectacles dans une soirée $20 – Disponible à la porte!

👯Franco-Sketch👯Vendredi le 4 mai – 20h au Théâtre Sainte-Catherine


Avec: Doggybag (Montréal), Évelyne Laniel (Montréal), Les SketchTapes (Montréal)
Animatrice: Coco Belliveau

Vendredi le 4 mai,  🍖 22 🍖 Théâtre Sainte-Catherine


Avec: The Nitro Girls (New York), Beans on Toast (Montréal), Dame Judy Dench (Toronto) & Lady Mary and the Marquis van Shyzer (Toronto)
Animateur: John Hastings

🍸Samedi le 5 mai, 19h🍸Théâtre Sainte-Catherine


Avec: The Templeton Philharmonic (Toronto), Employees of the Year (Montréal), Jon and Ian Have Something to Tell You (Philadelphia)
Animatrice: Maria Melina Trimarchi

⚡Samedi le 5 mai 21h ⚡Théâtre Sainte-Catherine


Avec: The Incredible Shrinking Matt & Jacquie (Philadelphia), Blood & Thunder (Montreal), Ape Island (Toronto)
Animateur: Jacob Greco

🏀🚨Rapp Battlez – Samedi le 5 mai, 23h 🚨🏀 Théâtre Sainte-Catherine


Rapp Battlez is a hilarious, off-the-wall mix of rapping, sketch comedy and spectacle; think 8-mile meets WWE, only so, so much sillier! Hosts Miguel and Freddie Rivas, return to Montréal Sketchfest with pageantry, dumb bits and amazing battles featuring some of Canada’s top comedic talent!
Rapp Battlez (Toronto)

Dimanche le 6 mai, 19h 🌎The Sketch Republic Broadcast Corporation 🌎@ Theatre Sainte-Catherine

The Sketch Republic Broadcast Corporation presents one hour of live real-time news at Montreal Sketchfest! Despite the recent massive cuts to our channel, we’re doing our best to bring you all of your favorite segments including the weather, entertainment, sports and HOT BREAKING STORIES!
Featuring anchors:🌎 Emma Overton – Senior Editor, The Beaverton, Writer, This Hour Has 22 Minutes, Contributing Writer, The Beaverton TV 🌎 Nelu Handa (Actor, Writer, The Beaverton, Baroness von Sketch Show, Working Moms (CBC). Creator, producer, and host of Yas Kween, a groundbreaking monthly night of comedy that showcases ethnic women)


🌎 Emery Fine
🌎 Iain MacNeil
🌎 Paul Naiman
🌎 Dimitri Kyres
🌎 Ben Sosa Wright
🌎 Jiva Kalan
🌎 Kadi D.
🌎 Sara Meleika
🌎 Lar Simms
🌎 Rena Taylor
🌎 David Kaufman
🌎 Mariana Vial


Dimanche le 6 mai, 21h, Sunday Night Improv @ Théâtre Sainte-Catherine

Billets à la porte!

🎨Art Machine🎨 Soirée Bilingue @ Mardi le 8 mai, 20h au Théâtre Sainte-Catherine 


Avec: Sketch Machina (Montreal), Marv N’ Berry (Edmonton), Laura Flynn (Montreal), Sirop (Montreal), Hart & George (Montreal), Old Charlotte (Montreal)
Animateur: Carlos Vezina

💪 Mercredi le 9 mai, 20h 💪 @ Théâtre Sainte-Catherine


Avec: Tracy Hurren (Montreal), Moniquea Marion (Toronto), Erotic Friend Fiction (Toronto), Ska Band (Montreal), Troopers (Montreal)
Animatrice: Shirley Whalen


⚡💙 Ladyfest! 💙⚡Jeudi le 10 mai, 20h @ Theatre Sainte Catherine
Avec: Solid Bronze (Montreal), Non-Binary Diary (Montreal), Fusion (Toronto) &  L’il Strawberry Bitch (Montreal)
Animatrice: Emma Wilkie

😀Jeudi le 10 mai, 20h 😀 @ Montreal Improv Theatre
Avec: Great Toe (Montreal), Gillian Bartolucci (Toronto), Marshall Lorenzo (Toronto) & Good Game (Toronto)
Animateur: Vance Gillis

🍹Jeudi le 10 mai, 22h 🍹@ Théâtre Sainte-Catherine
Avec: Smat! (Seattle), Vest of Friends (Toronto), Bring Your Own Juice (Montreal), L’il RasGALS (Toronto)
Animatrice: Rena Taylor

🐀Rat’s Nest🐀 Jeudi le 10 mai, 22h @ Montreal Improv Theatre

Brought to you by The Brunch Club
Launching a business is no small task. Or is it? Perhaps it’s just small enough. For a rat. In a nest. Welcome to Rat’s Nest. Watch lowly budding entrepreneurs pitch their concepts and products to a panel of incredibly wealthy, yacht toting, diamond encrusted, masters of finance and business, otherwise known as « Rats ». This ain’t you mom’s Dragon’s Den parody, although she is welcome to attend.
🐀Jacob Greco🐀Nancy Webb🐀Travis Cannon🐀 Paul Naiman🐀Lise Vigneault🐀Marshall Lorenzo🐀Gillian Bartolucci & 🐀Jon Blair 🐀 Kirsten Rasmussen

🏆Vendredi le 11 mai, 20h 🏆@ Théâtre Sainte-Catherine
Avec: Emma Overton’s Nasty Boys (Montreal), Bridge & Tunnel (New York) & Tom & Erica (Toronto)
Animateur: Guled Abdi

😎 Vendredi le 11 mai, 20h 😎@ Montreal Improv Theatre
Avec: Kirsten Rasmussen (Toronto), Big Mall (Montreal) & Family Dinner (Winnipeg)
Animateur: Marc Hallworth

🔌Vendredi le 11 mai, 2oh🔌@ Théâtre Sainte-Catherine
Avec: Tallboyz II Men (Toronto), Pickle Party (Montreal), Jon Blair (Toronto) & Never Sad (New York)
Animatrice: Kirsten Rasmussen

🍦Vendredi le 11 mai, 22h 🍦@ Montreal Improv Theatre
Avec: Inside Scoop (Montreal), Math, Science & the Humanities (New York) & Xave Ruth (Toronto)
Animatrice: Clare Belford

🦕Party Dinosaur 🦖 Sameid le 12 mai,  20h @ Montreal Improv Theatre
Created by Amanda McQueen in 2016 and handed over to Jason Grimmer a few months later, Party Dino has evolved into a premier laff riot, revolving cast sketch show. Named by the readers of Cult Mtl as one of Montreal’s top comedy nights, the show joins forces with the geniuses at Montreal Sketchfest for the 2018 festival and includes a mix of show veterans and deadly comedic talents from Toronto and America’s Toronto: NYC. Come see a succession of hilarious, sketches written and created in a week and then played out on the stage at Montreal Improv for you to enjoy the hell out of. Bring an old friend, leave with a new friend! Saturday, May 12th 8pm!🦖
Andy Assaf (MTL) Alex Brown (MTL) Jon Blair (TO) Tim Blair (TO) Erica Gellert (TO)Danielle Grace (NYC) Jason Grimmer (MTL) David Kaufman (MTL) Eliza Kingsbury (NYC) Dimitri Kyres (MTL) Kate Lindner (MTL)


🔥Saturday May 12th, 8PM 🔥 @ Theatre Sainte-Catherine
Host: Amanda McQueen
Featuring: HOT RAW FIRE (Montreal), Mark & Andy & Dave (Toronto), The Two Draculas (Toronto) & Definition of Knowledge (Toronto) 

🏅Saturday May 12th, 10:30PM 🏅 @ Theatre Sainte-Catherine
A rapid fire show featuring 10 of the festival’s raddest troupes!
Hosts: Alain Mercieca & Mark Louch
Lineup to Be announced!